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VistaCare One is approved Class IIa CE since the 25th of January 2018. As part of the CE marking, VistaCare One and its accessories are designed as an « Electro-Medical device favoring lower limb wound healing ».

In February 2019, the first patient was treated with the VistaCare device as part of an OPEN PMCF clinical study and the product was placed on the market and commercialized since September 2020.

VistaCare « One » is the first product on our technologic platform and it is dedicated to hospital facilities, clinics and medical retirement homes. It allows to treat patients with wounds under the 1/3 inferior part of the thigh including the knee. It is made of two elements : a generator and a chamber (single-use, single-patient).

The generator controls the wound management parameters and is controlled with a touch interface which is operating as a therapeutic assistance.

The generator diffuses a circulation of sterile air inside the chamber with an atmosphere adapted to effective and appropriate regeneration of damaged tissues.

The ergonomics of the generator have been specifically designed to perfectly fit the hospital environment and nursing staffs including in terms of comfort as it is also compatible with the sleeping and resting of the patients.

The graphical touch interface allows very simple and intuitive navigation through different screens, with pictograms that can be understood by any user.

The navigation interface makes it possible to choose the optimal treatment environment, to monitor the chosen cycles and to keep track on the history of the evolution of the wound.
The chamber is extremely light (1.4 kg) and resistant. It is made with a material that is not conducive to bacterial proliferation. It lays on the patient’s bed. It is equipped with a window allowing the direct control of the state of healing and the passage of light.
A skirt is there to reinforce the confinement by isolating the segment of the limb where the wound is located.

The chamber has airflow inlets and outlets. This flow is permanently sterilized by 0.2µ devices.

The chamber is single-patient and has a maximum lifespan of 15 days.
I discovered VistaCare during an innovation session at the Palais des Congrès in 2018 and I was really impressed with the first results. What is interesting with this technology is that it works on different phenomenas that slow down wound healing. The use of VistaCare shows its effectiveness on various pathologies includingvascular pathologies of the lower limbs.
Dr Philippe Léger
Vascular Physician Head of the Pasteur Clinic's Healing Center in Toulouse

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