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The innovation provided by VistaCare technology is based on its unique WEC (Wound Environment Controlled) therapeutic approach. WEC Therapy optimizes the physiological parameters (temperature, hygrometry, oxygen) involved in the healing process of chronic and acute wounds.

VistaCare Medical invites you to join its NextGen WEC community to:

  • stay informed of its novelties;
  • collect your feedback and share it;
  • participate and/or intervene in “Wound Treatment Masterclass” events with experts at regional, national and international levels;
  • participate in the deployment of its innovative therapy and develop your network and knowledge in the field of wounds.

Make your network benefit from the advances of this innovative and unique technique. It will bring you great quality of care, simplified follow-up and fast and visible results even on old and stubborn wounds.

It will also be a comfort asset for the patient (reduced pain, healing time and quality of the scar). Ready to join the adventure? Be an actor in improving the care of patients with wounds with VistaCare.

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