Le Progrès – François Dufaÿ rewarded for his rapid healing technology

26 April 2021by admin-vistacare


How far we’ve come. At the helm of VistaCare Medical, François Dufaÿ has once again earned recognition for his Vista Care™ One technology. A device that accelerates the healing of wounds deemed difficult. The Loullois was an international award winner, finishing as a finalist in a competition organized by CIC East.

What an adventure!

In 2007, François Dufaÿ imagined the Vista Care™ One concept. A device allowing rapid healing on complex wounds, at the level of the lower limbs.

In the meantime, the Jurassian created his company, DTA Médical in 2010, obtained CE marking in January 2018 , and his product is now referenced in several university hospitals (Centres hospitaliers universitaires), such as in Nantes or in the Marseille region.

To read the full article in Le Progrès, click here. 

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