VistaCare Medical (formerly DTAMedical) raises €4 million from Noshaq, Cap Innov’Est, its historical shareholder, BFC Croissance & Innovation, CARVEST, WiSEED and the DGO6 (Walloon Region). These contributions are complemented by a grant of 400 000 € from the Bourgogne – Franche Comté Region already announced and by the renewed support of French public investment bank BpiFrance. VistaCare Medical is also supported by the life sciences integrator LallianSe.

The funds raised in this round of financing will allow the company to:

  • Increase production in the Besançon industrial area, which has a strong focus on medical devices, thus contributing to the creation of nearly 60 industrial jobs;
  • Develop VistaCare Medical’s presence in Europe with the creation of a subsidiary in Belgium, VistaCare Medical Benelux;
  • Accelerate sales to hospitals in France and in Europe;
  • Develop R&D and in particular to finalize the connected “nomad” version of VistaCare intended for the home in telemedicine;
  • Strengthen the teams with the recruitment of new employees.

Vistacare Medical will now be able to develop in two dynamic European regions: the Bourgnogne-Franche-Comté region (France) around the “Micro Techniques” cluster dedicated to Medtech, and the Walloon region (Belgium) in the field of e-health. The nomad version of VistaCare® will be developed in partnership with digital technology players in Wallonia around its office in Liege.

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