A unique system for critical stage management..
..of acute and chronic wounds

VistaCare® products enable care procedures that minimize healing-time, increases safety, while keeping the wound visible all times for effective monitoring.

VistaCare®, the first device with a CE classification for products under development, is comprised of 2 elements: a generator and an enclosure.

The generator of adapted atmospheres

The generator manages and controls the atmospheric settings for wound care by circulating, a sterilized atmosphere for an efficient and adapted regeneration of the damaged tissues.

The ergonomics of the generator have been adapted to both the patient and the caregivers’ needs in terms of comfort, sleep and rest.

The touch graphical interface

The graphic and tactile interface allows for very simple and intuitive navigation through different screens, with pictograms comprehensible for any users.

The navigation interface makes it possible to choose the optimal treatment environment, monitor chosen cycles, as well as to keep a history of the wound evolution.

The enclosure

The single-patient enclosure is designed for the lower limbs. It is equipped with a large view-window visually monitor the healing process of a wound without any dressing.

Implementation Handling is simple: it can be easily opened for wound care when needed. Furthermore, the enclosure is made from recyclable ecological materials which do not release harmful substances.

Displayed model : enclosure designed for the lower limbs.

All products from VistaCare® range are manufactured according to NF EN ISO 13485 : 2016 quality system.

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