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WEC™ is a new therapeutic approach offering a real service for the implementation of wound management

The principle of WEC™ is to apply by the VistaCare, to the wound, non-covered, in an enclosure, each of the parameters environemental, optimizing each physiologically natural healing phase, thanks to variations in moisture, oxygen, and of temperature. This set thus allows:

  • Control at each wound healing stage, the wound environment, thus potentiating the quality and speed of healing
  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduced deleterious risks on budding phase due to dressing remodeling
  • Leave only the care of wounds by health professionals and reducing the patient pains, from traditional dressing
  • Time and cost reductions in managing wounds.

VistaCare™ is a unique medical device designed for the treatment of the critical phase of the wound. The WEC™ concept is developed by DTAMedical.

VistaCare™ provides an innovative, contactless solution with a therapeutic response, adapted and adaptable, efficient on difficult wounds by giving caregivers the tools they need, to regain control of acute and chronic wounds.

The technology is unique and patented.

The VistaCare One device was CE marked in January 2018 by the LNE / GMed – Notified Body N ° 0459.
DTAMedical also obtained ISO 13485: 2016 certifications in January 2018.

The Physiology process of a healing wound is a very complex phenomenon, where the main objective is related to skin tissue regeneration.

In principle, this physiological mechanism is normally not a problem as long as the patient is young and, healthy, but in many cases certain physio-pathological factors can interfere with different healing phases (by blocking or delaying them). These factors often involve: metabolic disorders (diabetes, renal failure, etc.), nutritional deficiency factors, vascular or respiratory diseases, smoking, and age.

The management of wounds remains a major and recurrent global public healthcare problem, making-up an extraordinary cost for healthcare systems: 4 to 5% of the adult population suffers from wounds which require ten days to several months (even years) of treatment (such as chronic wounds).

The related costs cost of wound treatment is valued at 4% of the healthcare budgets in developed countries, plus the cost of comorbidity – a category in itself estimated at several billion US dollars every year.

Even though wound treatment has improved considerably in recent decades, for many patients and their practitioners, is no overwhelmingly satisfactory solution exists for the healing process and the related side effects, such as pain associated with each dressing change, unpleasant odors, or tingling sensations.

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